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Professional Photographers of Canada - British Columbia



September 26-29, 2014

“Be Part of an Exciting Committee!”

IMAGEFEST 2014 is breaking exciting new ground with an “unconventional” format for PPOC-BC’s annual association event in September 2014! And we are looking for members who would enjoy working on the committee to assist in launching this inaugural event!

If you enjoy social media, public relations, promotions, event organization, education, and/or pooling resources with industry colleagues, then your participation on the IMAGEFEST 2014 committee will be a rewarding experience. Committee leadership by seasoned members Robert Coates, MPA, F/PPABC, B.Comm and Brent Edwardson HLM, MPA, SPA F/PPABC will offer you the opportunity to ease into positions, but in the end enjoy the rewards of fulfillment and accomplishment of being a part of the successful team. Full PPOC-BC merits are earned for your participation.

Please contact Robert Coates   or 604-612-9605 should you have any questions, or wish to be a part of this dynamic and fun committee!

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