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Chuck Arlund: Hot Sexy Light

Chuck Arlund from Kansas City via Nashville Tennessee put on a once in a lifetime lighting seminar this morning. But oops I was a few minutes late got a quiet seat in the back and got right into it.  His bag of tricks included on camera lighting and he did a great example of  this in our dark meeting room with one of our models in the audience.   He  held his Iphone over the flash head as he bounced the flash off a distant wall and got a great photo.  That’s one trick I want to remember.  He also showed us a group of inexpensive lights call Alien Bees which can be radio controlled. He places these in different locations and uses a variety of modifiers to alter the shape and intensity of the light as he sees fit.  His bag of tricks also included video lights, reflectors and mirrors.  His mirror fashion shots were absolutely stunning and gave him the ability to add shadow to the face, even with broken mirrors–mirrors that cracked in his car on his way to the shoot.  I guess it can be really hot in Nashville and a hot car can shatter a mirror or two.   Always shooting on manual settings Chuck never goes anywhere without his light meter.  Despite all his vast amount of equipment Chuck made it very clear that his first choice is always natural light and all this other stuff is used only when necessary.  Now that ‘s a great tip in itself.  I think I learned a lot this morning.

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